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RuvaAfricWear Exclusive Blazer Collection available for wholesale

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RuvaAfricWear Announces Exclusive Blazer Collection

Men’s and women’s blazers offer African flair, collection now available


APRIL 28, 2016 - RuvaAfricWear is pleased to unveil the launch of an exclusive blazer collection that includes African-inspired men’s and women’s blazers. The collection is now available for purchase by customers and retailers who wish to offer the RuvaAfricWear clothing line in their stores.

RuvaAfricWear launched in 2015 and offers an online hub where shoppers can find quality-crafted, authentic African jewelry and African fashion from varying countries. African fashion and jewelry found at RuvaAfricWear comes from Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, and Mozambique. The RuvaAfricWear private labeled collection items have been designed from scratch or have African embellishments. Product descriptions include detailed information about each product, such as the country of origin and the artisan’s bio.

Aside from their newly launched men’s and women’s blazers, RuvaAfricWear offers African accessories, art, homeware, jewelry, sculptures, and more. The company also offers clothing for men, women, and children.

Many of the items found at RuvaAfricWear are handmade, and the company pays high market prices to promote fair trade agreements that benefit African communities.

The new blazer collection at RuvaAfricWear features Kente Cloth Blazers for men and Kente Cloth Blazers for women. Kente Patch Skinny Jeans for women are available in blue and black. The entire collection can be previewed at

RuvaAfricWear is thrilled to present their latest collection, which offers stylish blazers for men and women. The company is now taking orders from retailers and boutique owners that want to carry the RuvaAfricWear collection in stores (Wholesale prices available).

“Our motto is ‘Art & Fashion Exclusively for You from the Motherland.’ strives to be the best and number one online source for African art and fashion,” said the RuvaAfricWear team. 

Details can be found at

About RuvaAfricWear

RuvaAfricWear offers African fashion, art and jewelry with authentic, unique collections from the Motherland.










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