About Us

Established in late 2015, RuvaAfricWear is a lifestyle brand of celebrating the African History and Heritage through everyday functional clothing. RuvaAfricWear is well-known for the African Inspired Fitness/Athleisure Collection that incorporates prints from different African countries.


Mission Statement

The mission of RuvaAfricWear is to change the narrative of fashion by creating everyday functional clothing that celebrate the African History and Heritage. We create value by empowering people to wear a brand that celebrates them, and offer quality clothes that have an intrinsic value.

Vision Statement

To be a customer-centric lifestyle brand that appreciates and celebrates the African Culture and Heritage. Our designs’ functionality and universality appeal to a divere customer base.

Our Core Values

Responsibility – We’ll act responsibly to make a positive impact in the world.

Unity – We’ll unite people and uplift our community.

Value Creation – We’ll create value for our customers and our community by offering quality products at reasonable prices.

Appreciation – We’ll appreciate and value our Tribe (customers, Team, and all stakeholders).

RuvaAfricWear is changing the narrative of fashion by rejecting Eurocentric fashion standards and empowering people to wear a brand that celebrates them, and clothes that have an intrinsic value.

The name RuvaAfricWear came from combining Ruva, Africa, and Wear. Ruva means flower in Shona (Zimbabwe), which is Sylvester Ndhlovu's (Owner & Founder) native language. We chose Ruva or “Flower” because it symbolizes beauty, passion, humility, lasting friendship, compassion, fascination, thankfulness, royalty, and many other positive symbolisms we associate with Africa and our brand.

RuvaAfricWear currently does minimum charity work or donations but the goal is to do more as we become well-established and profitable. We highly value education and empowering African people because that is the only way we can truly alleviate poverty and build self-sufficient and sustainable African communities.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our online store and for reading this! We hope you enjoy your purchase for a long time and come visit us again. Like Ruva or “Flower” our brand will continue to bloom and we hope you build a great RuvaAfricWear collection in your closet and/or home.