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About Us

RuvaAfricWear.com strives to be the best and number one online source for African art and fashion. We established RuvaAfricWear in 2015, but it had been in the making for over 4 years. We love African art and fashion and we regularly visit our home countries (Ethiopia and Zimbabwe) and we always bring something to add to our collections. We decided to start an online store to share with you all the exquisite and well-crafted African art and fashion from various countries, so our products are not limited to just Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

 The name RuvaAfricWear came from combining Ruva, Africa and Wear. Ruva is the name of our 2nd daughter and it means flower in Shona (Zimbabwe) and just like RuvaAfricWear.com she was also born in 2015. We chose Ruva or “Flower” because it symbolizes beauty, passion, humility, lasting friendship, compassion, fascination, thankfulness, royalty, and many others positive symbolisms we associate with Africa and our brand.

Most of our products come from Africa or have been inspired by African art and/or fashion (for products made elsewhere). We have our own branded/private labeled products which we have designed from scratch or have added some African flair or detailed finishing touches. RuvaAfricWear will be on the clothing labels and hang tags for anything that’s our brand offering and anything that’s not our brand will have just a hang tag or no tags. We also try to educate our customers by providing some detailed product descriptions and country of origin of our products.

We pay above market value prices for our products that come from Africa because we care for our suppliers and their families’ well-being. We also participate in “profit sharing” with our African suppliers, either through paying above market value upfront or sharing our profits with them after the products have been sold. Majority of our US suppliers and partners carry fair trade products, which help contribute to the sustainability and prosperity of the African countries these products come from. RuvaAfricWear currently does minimum charity work or donations but the goal is to do more as we become well established and profitable. We highly value education and empowering African people because that is the only way we can truly alleviate poverty and build self-sufficient and sustainable African communities.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our online store and for reading this! We hope you enjoy your purchase for a long time and come visit us again. Like Ruva or “Flower” our brand will continue to bloom and we hope you build a great RuvaAfricWear collection in your closet and/or home.