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Recycled Tin Strip Red Bi-Plane - South Africa

Made from steel wire and long thin colorful strips of recycled aluminum cans, this bi-plane livens up any room. The propeller and wheels turn, and it has a hook for hanging. The plane measures 9.5 inches in length and 4.5 inches in height. This type of modern South African art is produced in the local slums and townships, where artisans turn to using recycled materials to produce these whimsical creations.

Meet the Artisans

Township Art

Township Art is made across South Africa and Zimbabwe, Pieces in this category are made by a variety of artisans. The beaded animals are imported from South Africa but the artisans of Mhotsi Arts a co operative of twelve people,eight men and four women are situated in Chitungwiza,a township 15 kilometers south of Harare in Zimbabwe. The cooperative was formed in 2004 to enable market access to the North American market. During recent years daily life for the artisans has become more difficult as exporting from Zimbabwe has become a challenge leading the group to export from South Africa.

Other pieces come from The Bat Shop and Gugu Crafters in South Africa.

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